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Brookstone Capital Management Strategies

  • Our RAISE 360° Select Models are designed to adhere to proper diversification and risk appropriate portfolio selection across market cycles.
  • Built utilizing the entire Strategic + Tactical investment universe and financial intelligence available on BCM's expansive platform.
  • Designed to help investors consistently exercise patience and discipline throughout changing investment markets.

The investment objective of the Municipal Bond Portfolio strategy is to provide current income that is exempt from federal personal income taxes and to preserve investors’ principal. This strategy uses open-ended mutual funds to gain exposure to multiple managers with different fund objectives. 

The Bond Portfolio strategy holds only individual investment grade corporate bonds or municipal bonds, and is a laddered fixed income strategy whereby multiple bonds are purchased, each with different maturity dates.

Structured Notes consists of a debt security linked to the performance of a reference asset (equity, basket of equities, equity index, commodity, commodity index, or foreign currency). Among the variety of structures available, most aim to help investors achieve the following primary objectives: minimize the loss of principal, generate higher yields, or participate in enhanced returns. 

The Market-Linked CD strategy (MLCDs) provides investors with exposure to market-based returns linked to any one or more asset classes using FDIC-Insured, principal-protected MLCDs.