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Morningstar Partnership

  • Low-cost access to investment grade corporate bonds with defined maturity dates.
  • Provide exposure to diversified portfolios of bonds and allow investors to avoid concentration issues with selecting individual bonds.
  • Offer an easier way to build and maintain bond ladders.
  • A suite of fixed-income ETFs designed to combine the precision of individual bonds with the advantages of ETFs.
  • By investing through an ETF, investors now have cost-effective and convenient access to comprehensive portfolios of bonds that may have previously been unavailable to them.
  • With consecutively maturing ETFs ranging from 2016 to 2025, Invesco BulletShares ETFs offer flexibility to build bond ladders and manage interest rate risk for a wide range of client needs
  • Combining powerful, objective stock analysis with veteran portfolio management expertise, these portfolios seek to outperform the S&P 500 Index using a well-defined and disciplined approach to stock-picking.
  • A simple way to build a diversified core portfolio based on conservative risk considerations using one low-cost fund.
  • Harness the experience of BlackRock and the efficiency of iShares ETFs to get a broad mix of bonds and global stocks.
  • Use to establish a long-term, balanced portfolio and combine with other funds for particular needs like income.
  • By bucketing asset classes by investment objective, iShares Strategic ETF portfolios can help bring different components of your portfolio together to help achieve your life goals.
  • Built with the end goal in mind, these portfolios offer investors the flexibility to build foundational portfolios or complement an existing strategy.
  • Investors can choose from cost-effective mutual fund/ETF or ETF-only portfolios to align with your preferred investment approach.