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Our approach

We offer investment expertise and customized solutions to help investors build long-term, risk-managed portfolios tailored to meet their unique financial goals.

Our mission

We conduct our business according to the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and fairness, ensuring your best interests are always the foundation of our financial advice. Our structured approach puts your needs first and creates a truly collaborative experience with transformational outcomes.

Independent advisory

We take an objective approach to every strategy and investment we recommend. We are able to offer a diverse universe of investments to align with the individual situations of each investor. We take our role of fiduciary very seriously and act in the best interests of our clients.

Investment ethos


We believe it’s critical to defend against the devastating impact large drawdowns can have on the long-term growth of an investment portfolio. We therefore develop and implement investment strategies specifically geared toward our client’s unique investment goals as well as their tolerance for risk.


We combine strategies to help minimize downside risk. While each of our strategies has its own methodology, our main goal is to limit large-scale losses. For both performance and protection, we believe diversification across multiple risk-controlled strategies is critical to successful wealth management.

Risk Management

Our investment approach seeks to preserve and grow wealth across market cycles. It considers each client’s risk tolerance and focuses on strategies that manage risk and attempts to limit large losses by utilizing strategies with low correlation to broader volatile market activity.

Investment strategies — designed for you

We provide a wide spectrum of investment options to help our advisors develop and implement actively managed long-term investment strategies for individual investors. We seek to maintain a risk-managed approach toward investing, and our portfolios range from conservative to moderate to growth to allow for investor risk tolerance preferences.

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Our leadership team has made Brookstone an industry leading RIA by putting the needs of our advisors and their clients first.
Dean Zayed
CEO, Founder
Darryl Ronconi
President, COO
Mark DiOrio, CFA
Chief Investment Officer
Matt Lovett
Chief Compliance Officer
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