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How We Work

Individual Investors

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By working with a Brookstone Capital Management advisor, you’ll have access to the comprehensive investment options you need when approaching today’s volatile markets.

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Personalized Planning

The first step a BCM Independent Advisor Representative takes is to meet with you in person to better understand your goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance. This is how we develop a long-term financial plan tailored to your specific needs. This individualized plan serves as a roadmap to develop a customized investment strategy designed to grow and monitor your wealth.

Risk-Managed Strategy

Once you’ve worked together to establish your investment goals, your BCM advisor will develop and implement a formal investment strategy. While each investment will have its own methodology, we make sure each follows BCM’s risk-managed approach. We believe that a strategy that seeks to avoid significant drawdowns allows more potential for compounding returns.

Our Independent Advisor Representatives actively manage your portfolio to make sure it supports your objectives in an ever-evolving marketplace.

“We take a multi-layered, tactical approach to investing designed to adapt quickly to constantly changing market moods. This strategy allows investors the flexibility to take advantage of opportunities while still maintaining a definitive, imbedded layer of risk management.”


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