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turnkey asset management platform

"It allows me to be a better advisor..."

It allows me to do what need to do, and I can go in the room with a client I know the Brookstone team has my back, and that's pretty cool.

Nick Royer, Independent Financial Advisor

"A true partnership..."

I came to a PASS training and realized the resources that they had and the trainings that they offer, and knew that this is what I really needed in order to be comfortable and confident...

Abby Reed, Independent Financial Advisor

"Same team, same mission from day one..."

Dean and his team have had the same mission and same goals that we've had from day one. And that goal has always been how to help the advisor.

Nick Boeckman, CFP, Independent Financial Advisor

"A thought leader and more than just a technology and money management provider."

Brookstone is a TAMP+ that actually has a relationship with the advisor and goes beyond just a platform. With a dedicated team to help train the advisor and provide practice management, day-to-day servicing, operations, marketing support and lead generation.

We believe we are redefining and reinventing the TAMP space.
- Dean Zayed, CEO

"Help me grow as a firm..."

They guided me to where I am today. They really provide that kind of infrastructure to help us focus on our clients, and less on the trading and day-to-day things.

Jordan Flowers, Independent Financial Advisor


"They are the backbone to our practice..."

We couldn't do what we do without the support they provide. It allows our clients to be assured that we're bigger than just Patriot Wealth. We are a small boutique firm, but we're also back by Brookstone...

Wes White, Independent Financial Advisor

"So easy and so fun to scale up business..."

They acquire other business that allows their solutions to serve advisors. And it's the same group of people as it was when I started, and that stability is really important.

Nolan Goslee, Independent Financial Advisor


    "Extremely valuable to our practice..."

    I never felt as confident as I do as in Brookstone. They take a lot of the stuff that we need to do and make it a lot easier for us.

    Joe Dowling, Independent Financial Advisor


    "Vested in your practice growth..."

    Brookstone is the strategic partner when it comes to RIAs. I have been with a couple other firms that I thought they had that component but there was just something missing. Brookstone is just so vested in your practice and your growth, and just ahead of the curve all the time.

    April Reed Crews, Independent Financial Advisor

    "They set you up for success..."

    Everything you need is available. Whether it's the investment platform, whether it's all the marketing they provide for you- it's all there. The only thing you have to do is take advantage of that they offer you.

    Tom Fortino, Independent Financial Advisor

    "Most important strategic partner..."

    Our most strategic partner. We use their systems, their models, and their team for almost everything that we do.

    Luke Bertke, Independent Financial Advisor

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    Discover what makes Brookstone special and how we can help grow your firm the right way.

    Contact us to learn how we go beyond a traditional TAMP to offer customized solutions with a dedicated team of professionals to serve and support every aspect of your practice.
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