The all-in-one financial advisor platform

We combine client management and account administration in an intuitive, fully integrated and easily scaled advisor platform.

All the features you'll need

Use our platform to elevate the client experience, operate more efficiently, and offload your office administration.
Comprehensive planning and proposal tools

Build personalized financial plans and proposals to wow prospective clients and keep existing clients on track.

Turnkey Model Portfolios

Choose from CFA designed model portfolios that closely match your client's investment needs

Back-office management

Spend less time processing paperwork and more time helping your clients reach their financial goals.

Digital marketing

Deploy our highly targeted campaign strategies to help you cut your marketing spend and win more clients.


Flexible, digital solutions

We understand independent financial advisors require a different digital strategy to grow their business and build closer relationships with their clients. Our platform provides access to every system you need to run a modern practice.
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Meet more prospects, convert more clients

Our digital-hybrid approach completely replaces traditional dinner seminars. We can help you get in front of more qualified prospects with our turn-key and compliant marketing programs.

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The support you need to succeed

We’re committed to offering financial advisors smart and modern ways to grow their advisory practice and avoid wasting money on ineffective, inefficient business strategies.

Financial Planning

Get access to a full financial planning department that will run portfolio analysis and financial plans at no cost to you. You’ll no longer need to be the one entering ticker symbols online or creating financial plans — our staff will be standing by to do it for you.

Brand building

We also provide an incredible white-labeled technology suite that allows you to consistently and effectively communicate with your clients and prospects using your own branding elements.

Advisor training

We offer training materials and live events covering everything from paperwork handling and processing best practices to business optimization and client communication strategies.

Discover how Brookstone can help you build a better business.

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