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We offer the investment expertise and customized investment solutions to help independent financial advisors build long-term, risk-managed portfolios tailored to meet the specific goals, needs, and risk tolerance of their clients.

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Our investment approach seeks to protect and growth wealth

Brookstone provides and invesment methodology and porfolio solutions based on a risk-managed approach.
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We believe it’s critical to defend against the devastating impact large drawdowns can have on the long-term growth of an investment portfolio. We therefore develop and implement investment strategies specifically geared toward our client’s unique investment goals as well as their tolerance for risk.

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Risk Management

Our investment approach seeks to preserve and grow wealth across market cycles. It considers each client’s risk tolerance and focuses on strategies that manage risk and attempts to limit large losses by utilizing strategies with low correlation to broader volatile market activity.

Back-office management

We combine strategies to help minimize downside risk. While each of our strategies has its own methodology, our main goal is to limit large-scale losses. For both performance and protection, we believe diversification across multiple risk-controlled strategies is critical to successful wealth management.

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Independent Advisory

We take an objective approach to every strategy and investment we recommend. We are able to offer a diverse universe of investments to align with the individual situations of each investor. We take our role of fiduciary very seriously and act in the best interests of our clients.

Investment strategies
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We provide a wide spectrum of investment options to help our advisors develop and implement actively managed long-term investment strategies for individual investors. We seek to maintain a risk-managed approach toward investing, and our portfolios range from conservative to moderate to growth to allow for any of your client's risk tolerance preferences.
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Turnkey model portfolios

Brookstone's RAISE (Risk, Appropriate, Investment, Strategy, Evaluation) core models are designed by our investment committee and serves as a guide to help advisors create portfolios that match client's risk tolerance.

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Do it your way with our investment platform

Leverage the expertise of our investment analyst or create and manage portfolios on your own from a variety of investment solutions.
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Turnkey solutions using RAISE core models which are globally diversified, risk-based model portfolios.

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Do it with help

Risk-based templates for any client portfolio that are fully scalable and supports mass customization.

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Do it myself

Leverage our expanded roster of investment options, where Brookstone still performs ongoing manager due diligence of all strategies, funds, and managers.

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A new way to invest - introducing Brookstone Asset Management

Brookstone Asset Management offers advisors unique investment options designed to increase their probability of success in today's market. With 8 professionally designed and managed ETFs, and our Summit Series, we blend several instruments with varying risk tolerances to keep individual investors portfolios aligned with their unique financial goals.
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