Financial Planning for Advisors: Win more prospects and spend less time doing it

Use our Financial Planning & Portfolio Design team to create compelling reports that shows your clients what you can do.  Financial advisors can request a variety of reports to help you evaluate risk, analyze current investments, and uncover new opportunities for your clients.

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Proactively guide your clients to better wealth management. 

Brookstone provides independent financial advisors access to comprehensive financial planning software backed by a team of portfolio design experts.
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Portfolio Comparison

Analyze a prospect or client's current investments by examining the current holdings and risk in their portfolio. Show clients a detailed portfolio analysis complete with reports and visuals that translates information in a relatable way.

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Risk Tolerance

Quantify a client's risk using a proven framework that shows risk in a more client-friendly manner. Our team can show you how much risk is in a client's portfolio and pinpoint exactly how much risk a client wants to help guide them to make investment decisions that aligns to their risk tolerance.

Back-office management
Goal Based Planning Software

Leverage our team to run scenarios on how likely clients (or prospects) are to meet their financial goals or how different investment strategies will play out. Show your value by showcasing the effectiveness of investment management other other planning strategies on meeting this goal.

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Comprehensive Planning

Our Planning team is a one-stop-shop for all things planning. From 401(k) analysis to Social Security strategies to annuity stress testing our team has access to more tools to help you create a full financial plan for your clients so you can spend more time servicing clients and finding new ones, and less time running reports.

Portfolio design
— designed for you, by us

We offer our financial advisors with the opportunity to delegate aspects, or the entirety, of the tasks associated with crafting and upkeeping clients' financial plans. With our extensive expertise and experience, we instill trust that our analyses are precise and thorough. Our plans are designed using a methodical approach to planning coupled with our adeptness in utilizing diverse planning software platforms.
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A flexible approach towards planning

We help you construct personalized portfolios and plans that aim to achieve your client's goals by offering you all the back office support you need.

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Our Portfolio Design team can help you close more business

Run your practice, not reports.
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Analyze a client or prospect's current investments, and create a custom benchmark or index to compare and monitor their progress.

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Quantify a client’s risk tolerance by comparing how much risk a client has versus how much they want and need.

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Get portfolio analytics, stress testing, and proposals to finetune your financial advice and visualize the value you offer.

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Simplify your planning process by illustrating where a client is headed, and how they might get there. inStream provides you with the same confidence, clarity, and convenience that your clients want.

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Social Security Timing

Access our Planning Team to maximize the right Social Security timing for your prospects by determining the right age and method to file.

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Advanced planning techniques for High Net Worth (HNW) clients

Our personalized approach towards investment and portfolio management starts with proper planning. The most important decision an investor can make is to determine the appropriate long term strategy mix. With our expanded rooter of investment options, our team has the ability to blend several strategies with varying risk tolerance into a plan designed to align with your client's financial goals. By evaluating diversification, asset allocation, sector diversification & rotation, and investment type diversification we can help create a plan that is disciplined, yet flexible to align to any client's individual financial goals.
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Our Planning & Design team can access

Advisor software - Orion
Advisor Support - Salesforce
Right Capital
Risk Management Software - Riskalyze
Advisor Planning Software - Morningstar
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Financial Planning Software - Instream
Social Security timing
Charles Schwab
401 (K) optimization
Annity stress test

Yes, we offer an entire spectrum of support including a disciplined communications process that provides updates on everything from investment and business topics to marketing materials you may need.

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