Financial Advisor Marketing Programs

The Retirement Wealth Academy is a turnkey lead generation program, unique to Brookstone Capital Management, offering financial advisors with a passion for educating pre-retirees the opportunity to teach educational courses locally.

Say goodbye to dinner seminars

We offer educational classes at universities, libraries, and community centers across the country. Our courses teach a disciplined approach to financial planning and retirement investing.
Highly-targeted course materials

Each course will have material catered to various situations, but in general, our classes are intended for adults aged 50-70 who are in or near retirement.

Credible venues

Most classes are taught at a local college or university classroom in your community. The class venue will vary depending on your location.

Turnkey marketing funnels

Automated communications with registrants and attendees, using our prebuilt drip marketing campaigns, keep new prospects engaged.

Instructor dashboard

Track your course registrations, communications, and conversions all from your centralized academy dashboard.


Campaigns that convert

Tap into our proven marketing funnels to start reaching more potential clients today. Our consistent, targeted campaigns can connect you with highly motivated, qualified prospects and with automated communications, you'll never let a lead go cold again.
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Curriculum pre-retirees are craving

Retirement Wealth Academy courses are designed to address the most common retirement planning pain points, complete with complimentary course materials and workbooks.

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Our courses

Retirement Wealth Academy courses teach a disciplined approach to financial planning and retirement investing.

The New Reality in Our Retirement

This course challenges attendees to buck conventional financial wisdom in favor of a modernized approach to retirement planning. You'll walk your audience through potential pitfalls for pre-retirees, how to maximize retirement income, plan for healthcare expenses and much more.

The Retirement Headwinds

A 1-hour and 15 minutes class covering the challenges investors face in today's financial markets and how to  overcome them.  During this course you will teach the impact of lower interest rates and national debt on programs like Medicare and Social Security.

Foundations for Retirement

During this 2-night retirement course, you will show attendees how to make a realistic estimate of their living expenses, recent changes to the tax law and its impact on retirement, defining the “income gap”, and much more!

Interested in teaching a course in your area?

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