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Brookstone’s Eight New Exchange-Traded Funds - Introducing Brookstone Asset Management

Brookstone’s Eight New Exchange-Traded Funds - Introducing Brookstone Asset Management


Brookstone Expands its Investment Strategy and Investor Options

From Press Release- January 30, 2024 - View the Full Press Release

Brookstone awarded the business to Ultimus as a result of Ultimus’ consultative approach and ability to plug into the ETF ecosystem of various third-party providers. Ultimus’ scalability made the launch of eight funds relatively seamless and aligned well with Brookstone’s strategy to broaden its ETF product offering to investors. Ultimus’ distinct advantages, including the benefits of established series trusts, valuable ecosystem connections, and its operational experience in the ETF sector, accelerated the process. This resulted in a quick and smooth launch of eight funds over a three-day period, showcasing the effectiveness of the partnership.

Kevin Wolf, EVP, Head of Fund Administration and Product at Ultimus, expresses the excitement at witnessing the growth of another long-standing partnership. “We’ve been working with the professionals at Brookstone for quite a while, and it’s been fulfilling to see them transform over the years. I’m thankful to partner with such a great group of people, and I see a lot of potential in their quest to expand their product lineup. It is important to Ultimus that we create long-term relationships with clients in which we are as equally invested in success.”

Matt Lovett, CCO of Brookstone, emphasizes how a partner with experienced industry professionals can make a complicated process seem easy. “In our existing relationship with Ultimus, they have proven that they were the right partner to assist in the facilitation of such a momentous launch operation. The team’s experience was evident in the way they efficiently educated our growing staff and helped guide them throughout the process. Ultimus’ operational expertise and industry connections made the process of expanding our ETF lineup easy and seamless.”

With its commitment to innovation and excellence, Ultimus is well-positioned to continue supporting Brookstone’s journey towards expanding its product offerings in today’s dynamic financial market. Ultimus understands the importance of staying ahead in a competitive financial landscape and is dedicated to helping clients like Brookstone navigate the complexities of product development and fund launches with precision and efficiency. As the financial industry and investment products continue to evolve, Ultimus remains a steadfast and agile partner, ready to assist clients in achieving their strategic goals and fostering lasting relationships built on mutual success.

About Brookstone Asset Management - A New Way to Invest.

Brookstone Asset Management offers a broad spectrum of ETF investments.  Our solutions and strategies help remove emotions from the investing process, allowing investors to focus on the long-term benefits of being a diversified, growth-oriented investor.  

We work with financial professionals and individual investors to provide investment strategies focused on identifying US equities, bonds, and other investments with strong financial statements and industry leadership.

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